Honicel Nederland B.V., is world market leader in development, production, supply and application of paper honeycomb and paper honeycomb products.
Thanks to our understanding of technological feasibilities, product developments and the market potential for paper honeycomb and paper honeycomb products, we have gained a position as a strategic partner and preferential supplier, for both ‘global players’ as well as individual entrepreneurs. With each of our customers we strive after a long-lasting and durable win-win relationship.

Honicel has her own independent and strong market position. Particularly, the Research & Development activities within Honicel, offer considerable potential for Honicel and as a consequence, unique opportunities for customers of Honicel.
Honicel is dedicated to create, in close cooperation with its customers, a for both parties remunerative result, by utilizing all knowledge and skills available within Honicel.
All ready for more than 60 years a Honicel experience, that this intensive cooperation will lead to a long-lasting business relationship and as a consequence, to satisfied customers.
For more information about Honicel : info@honicel.com