Honicel paper honeycomb Research & Development


The corporate structure of Honicel has led to a multi-functional Research & Development department who worldwide operates conducive for any individual enterprise within the Honicel. Honicel Research & Development is constantly active to develop new products that comply with the latest demands of the markets served. Also, Honicel Research & Development discovers and create new knowledge about technological applications of paper honeycomb for the purpose of uncovering and enabling development of valuable new products, processes and services.


In order to increase its internal capabilities, Honicel cooperates with many research organizations, universities and well-known institutions and companies throughout the world. Honicel Research & Development is committed to generate, together with its suppliers and customers, a compensable outcome, by exploiting all available knowhow and cleverness acquirable in the Honicel Group.

Honicel Research & Development firmly believes that this commitment will induce a permanent and fruitful relationship between Honicel and her suppliers and customers.


For more information: info@honicel.com