Honicel paper honeycomb for furniture panels


Core or filling material for furniture panels

Honicel paper honeycomb is a proper, low-cost, strong core or filling for furniture sandwich panels. Honicel paper honeycomb contributes to a lightweight but robust or solid looking piece of furniture and offers a high strength-to-weight and a high strength-to-thickness ratio. Honicel paper honeycomb is made of 100% recycled material and as a consequence, environmental friendly. Honicel paper honeycomb is most suitable for pieces of furniture which require high demands with regards to manoeuvrability at handling and transportation. Especially, the use of Honicel paper honeycomb in furniture results in decreasing transportation costs and in general, in easier and less manpower demanding logistic handling. 

Honicel paper honeycomb for furniture

  • 100% recycled paper
  • high pressure resistance
  • lightweight
  • high shock absorption
  • good shape adaptation by deformation
  • easy processing and cut-to-size
  • robust, solid looking
  • easy manoeuvrability
  • cheaper transportation costs
  • excellent load bearing capacity
  • FSC-certified material
  • 100% recyclable material


Honicel paper honeycomb is an excellent replacement of conventional wood based filling materials like solid wood, particle board and tube board. Furniture panels with a frame of chipboard, MDF/HDF or wood and with a Honicel paper honeycomb core are, in all respect, a premium quality alternative for heavy solid materials.

Thanks to outstanding stiffness properties in comparison with particle board, Honicel paper honeycomb filled furniture panels can be dimensioned differently and loaded more heavily.


Honicel paper honeycomb specifications

  • width:                                                     800 mm – 2900 mm
  • cell size:                                                     8 mm –     40 mm
  • thickness:                                                   4 mm –   100 mm
  • paper weight:                             120 gr/sq. m-250 gr/sq. m
  • pressure strength:                                  up to 7.5 kg/sq. cm
  • thickness tolerance:                         up to +0.1mm/-0.1 mm
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