Honicel paper honeycomb for interior doors


Core or filling material for interior doors

Honicel paper honeycomb is an excellent, high pressure strength core or filling for interior doors as a substitutefor traditional solid fillings, chipboard stripes or tube board. Honicel paper honeycomb is an excellent filling for all types of interior doors. Honicel paper honeycomb is used in flat doors, moulded doors, steel doors and standard hardboard doors. Honicel paper honeycomb gives excellent glue-bonding with UF, PVA or PUR Hotmelt when used between hardboard, MDF-, HDF-, steel- and melamine facing plates. With Honicel water-repellent paper honeycomb, it is even applied in moist- and damp environments.


Honicel paper honeycomb for interior doors

  • 100% recycled paper
  • high pressure strength
  • appropriate for gluing processes with UF, PVA or PUR Hotmelt
  • suitable as a core material between facings of softwood, hardboard, 
  • plywood, plasterboard, chipboard, MDF, HDF, melamine and steel
  • qualified as a core material between flat and moulded facings
  • easily adapts to any shape
  • outstanding deformation properties
  • available with or without ventilation slits or holes
  • supplied in standard widths: 1000, 1250 and 1560 mm
  • available in widths up to 2900mm
  • available in customer-required special widths
  • light weight
  • FSC-certified
  • 100% recyclable


Honicel paper honeycomb is also used as a low-cost core or filling material in doors of busses, trains, cabins, elevators and in room- or space partitions.

Honicel paper honeycomb specifications

  • width:                                                    800 mm – 2900 mm
  • cell size:                                                     8 mm –     40 mm
  • thickness:                                                  4 mm –   100 mm
  • paper weight:                            100 gr/sq. m-250 gr/sq. m
  • pressure strength:                                 up to 7.5 kg/sq. cm
  • thickness tolerance:                        up to +0.1mm/-0.1 mm

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