About us

We are an ISO 9001:2015-certified company and have always shared our comprehensive know-how, our power of innovation and our many years of experience with customers who recognize the cost-effective application of Honicel paper honeycomb in their products. 
Our core activity is development, production, supply and application of premium quality paper honeycomb but we also support our customers with our Research & Development expertise in generating and developing designs, concepts and solutions with reference to any application of paper honeycomb.
With in-house engineering and manufacturing of paper honeycomb processing equipment, we are aiming for non-stop optimization and development of “tomorrow's technology”. Our know-how, service and products are contributing to a structural competitive position of our customers in their discipline. 
All over the world, Honicel paper honeycomb gains a more and more powerful position, as a strong core material in sandwich constructions. An increasing number of manufacturers in the interior door and furniture industry, as well as the automotive branch and the light weight panel industry, are discovering the unique and distinguishing properties of Honicel paper honeycomb.

Honicel paper honeycomb

  • 100% recycled paper
  • high pressure strength
  • light weight
  • flexible in shapes
  • easy processing
  • saving handling costs,
  • saving packaging costs
  • saving transport costs
  • cost effective
  • environmental friendly
  • FSC certified material
  • 100% recyclable material

History of Honicel

Shortly after World War II, a period of reconstruction started in The Netherlands and adjacent countries. In those days, the founder of Honicel, Mr. D. J. Holtslag (*16-08-1927 - †12-08-2007) was owner of a company in construction materials.  When looking for alternatives to deal with the acute shortage of construction materials, he developed a sandwich construction with a honeycomb structure as core material. The application of honeycomb shaped structures, were originally developed during the World War II for the air force industry.
Later in the 1950’s Mr. Holtslag, developed honeycomb structures made of paper and introduced it as a core material in sandwich constructions.  Mr. Holtslag was characterized by his pioneering mentality, being busy in finding new markets and developing new techniques and methods for an efficient production of paper honeycomb structures. Currently, the enterprises within the Honicel Group are still committed to this very strategy.

The key words are: a guaranteed continuity…

A guaranteed continuity for customers and suppliers of the Honicel Group and also a guaranteed continuity for the organization of the Honicel Group and its employees.
To guarantee continuity in future times, the Honicel Group is convinced that an organization should be innovative and expansive. By putting this policy into effect over the years, the organization has grown into the nowadays Honicel Group; a group of Honicel enterprises in which innovative character and international orientation as well as expansion are firmly rooted.
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